Toronto Women's 5k/8k Report

Hey Y'all!

It's been a long time, but don't say I didn't warn you that posts would become more scarce once the triathlon season is over. This is a report from last year than I only got around to posting now, after it has been sitting in my draft pile for quite some time. So read these words as if it were posted last October....

This is gonna be a pretty boring report, mostly because my running race strategy leaves much to be desired and I have few thoughts before and during the race other than "la-dee-da", "this sucks" and "when am I done?". Warm up? Ha! Pacing? Double ha! Not my thing. I should really figure it out before tackling a 70.3 though, so I'm trying to hold myself more accountable for these things, even when it's a measly 5k. This is my second time running the Toronto Women's 5k, and both times I have run it with my friend, Lauren. We used to row together so our friendship is, in some ways, built upon racing and training. The race started preettttyyy far from where I live, but Sam was nice enough to drive Lauren and I to Sunnybrook (with the promise of brunch being taken care of after the for everyone!).  Getting our bibs was super quick, and before we knew it the race was about to start. I tried getting in a few minutes of warm up before starting, but it was probably insufficient. There was also a pre-race sort of aerobics thing being lead in the starting chute, which may or may not of the very least it was entertaining. I parted ways with Lauren as I headed into a slightly faster corral before the start. All I remember was a brief countdown and a horn, and then we were on our way! I took off pretty fast...I think I was running about 4:45 min/km for the first 2km, before I had to slow down because I was getting way too tired for being only halfway through the race.  Then there was this mild, but surprisingly nasty hill at the halfway point, that slowed me down quite a bit. Before long I was cruising at closer to a 5:15-5:20 min/km. At about the 3rd KM I was ready to have the race be over. I was getting a bit tired, and I had overdone the pace too early. The ol' fly and die technique. There were some tiny, but steep hills between me and the finish, and as I was pushing myself as hard as I could go, the hills were unwelcome. I knew that a sub 25:00 was well out of reach at this point, but I did what I could to hammer home the last kilometer. I had about half a kilometer to go before my shoelace came untied on my shoe but I decided to say 'screw it' and finish the race with a deadly shoe situation. Thankfully, I crossed the finish line with no issues, other than feeling like I just hit a wall in my running speed and realizing I need to work harder if I want to get faster. My final time was 25:41, which was good enough for 6/61 in my age group, and 40/412 overall. Not bad, but not great. I can do better, and I know I can get there if I just commit to training smarter.

Cheers for now!


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