Fun Facts!

So here is a fun fact about me: I have Celiac Disease. And here's the thing - I'm embarrassed to admit it. Why? Because these days, there is a lot of talk/hype/conjecture about gluten; What people think gluten is, why it's bad for you (by the way it isn't unless you have Celiac disease), why it's the newest 'poison' for your body.  I don't want to be associated with a health food craze, or labelled as a 'gluten-free weirdo' by the non-health food obsessed crowd (a.k.a the majority of people I hang out with).  So I try not to bring it up, especially since I don't adhere to the diet. Before going any further yes, I know this is a terrible idea. Yes, I know I SHOULD be following the diet. But I find it so hard to do, because I don't FEEL sick when I eat gluten-containing foods. That's a pretty terrible excuse though...of course adhering to the diet is hard. But triathlons are also hard. And I'm pretty certain that if I actually took care of myself and stopped eating gluten, my performance would become better, and I would probably feel better overall. So lately I've been seriously considering changing my ways...I think I really need to just pick a date and then that's the end of my gluten era. My doctor would be proud of me! I have to supplement my iron and vitamin D daily right now, because after years of eating something that prevents the absorption of these pretty important things, I was very very low in iron, and very very low in vitamin D. What this meant was a pretty terrible case of anemia (who knew having very little iron and hemoglobin in your blood made working out so difficult?) and with vitamin D, low bone density. Turns out, you don't have a lot of time to get your bone density up if it isn't great.  Apparently we lose the ability to increase bone density when we near our thirties. Maybe this isn't true but I'm not taking any chances...I don't want brittle bones!

Anyway, the bottom line is that I think it's time to say bye bye to gluten and see how things go if I adhere to the diet for some time. I think it'll be a good idea.  Sorry for this super boring post...but it has been a draft forever (I know...I haven't posted in a very long time) and I felt the need to just get it written. After this I have much more to say about life and training and such, but I just need to find the time to write it all down!



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