This is what antsy feels like...

I am already antsy about the upcoming TTF race. I have begun doubting my ability to compete. I know, I know, it's my first Olympic distance race and I should just be looking to finish rather than achieve a certain time, but that's just not how my brain likes to work. Despite all my best intentions on smiling and letting the race experience be a time to learn, I know in my heart of hearts I can't do that. I'm too competitive by nature. Even in things I suck at.  My "holy shit, yessss I did it y'all!" goal is to be under 3:00.  Is this possible? I think so, if everything goes right that day. Whether everything DOES go right is a totally different story.

There are some serious factors to consider: It will likely be raining. Rain = Slick roads and slick ramps to the mount line. I will then have to remember to probably put my bike shoes on AFTER running my bike up the ramp. Contingency plan #1? Check. The water might be so cold I start to hyperventilate or let my heartrate skyrocket before even starting. In this scenario, hopefully if I put my face in the water and take long, controlled breaths, exhaling underwater, this will pass. I might also wear my silicone cap under the race cap. Contingency plan #2? Check. Lastly...What if I don't heed my lesson from the last race and lose all control and energy on the run? Then I will walk, try to focus on controlling my breathing and when I feel ready, return to running at a nice even rhythm at a sustainable (hear that body/brain? SUSTAINABLE!) pace. I will also have the option of a Gu on hand. Contingency plan #3? Check.

Let's not run like this...

This is gonna be a mental game. A game I used to know how to play very well when I was rowing, but over the last couple of years have forgotten a little bit. Mental toughness, just like any muscle, has to be trained. I'll have to dig pretty deep on Sunday to strive in the race, not simply survive it. I'm hoping that 'extra gear' shows up on the run, when I'm feeling low (probably around 6-7km) and want to quit.

What it boils down this: I have trained. I have done my best to be prepared. What happens on race day is up to me and the choices I make before and during the race.


My body dying while my brain laughs and laughs...
Swim: <30 mins
T1: I guess around where I was last time, 1:40 - <2:00
Bike: <1:30 (I think this is possible, but again, I NEED to pace myself a bit)
T2: <1:30 ideally
Run: <1:00

Additional 'Nice to have happen' goals:

1) Not end up in the ER again
2) Feel well enough after to go watch the World Cup final
3) Finish proud of myself, regardless of whether or not I break 3:00 (I have a hard time being positive when I don't do well)

Let's hope I pull this off!


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