The first post on a blog feels really weird, mostly because I think I am writing to myself. I have to remind myself that the whole purpose of this thang is to keep track of my training, races, and whatever else strikes my fancy, so I shouldn't worry about whoever else reads it. In fact, if you have found this blog and have read this far, I am surprised.

Why Swim Bike Ballz? Ballz is just a silly nickname given to me back in the day that has mostly faded out, but some of my closer friends still call me. Swim Bike Ballz has a good ring to it, I think! So where am I at?  I started training for the Toronto Triathlon Festival about 2.5 months ago, after reading this blog:  This woman sounds pretty badass. After being a rower for so many years, and after half heartedly pursuing half-marathons, I hadn't yet found a new sport or goal to chase that really satisfied my competitive streak. Then I stumbled across Meredith's blog and realized that triathlons sound pretty cool! They also seemed to be a decent fit for my athletic skill set. I used to be a competitive swimmer before rowing, and it is fairly well documented that rowers make pretty solid cyclists and running...well...running is not my thing. I have tried and failed 3 times to crack 2 hours on a half marathon, ran 53:02 in the Sporting Life 10k and I'm not sure what my current 5k time would be. These times aren't HORRIBLE per se, but I feel like the effort I have to exert to get "ok" times in running is so much higher than getting respectable times in swimming and biking. I also have terrible running form, which probably doesn't help. I may look into run coaching if I eventually have enough money and time.

Exhibit A: Even that small child is side-eying my form!
 Exhibit B: I didn't think it was physically possible to have both legs extended straight out and suspended in the air while running, but apparently I am mistaken...
These photos were taken during my very first triathlon, Guelph Lake 1, June 22nd, 2014. I'll file a dedicated race report elsewhere, but for now let's just say that these photos capture fairly well the "OH SHIT" factor when trying to finish the race. I threw up in the bushes about 1km into the run, and thought I might die at the end of this race (for reasons I will outline in the report!).  Anywho, welcome to the blog if you are actually reading this far! As of right now I am t-minus one week until my first olympic distance triathlon at the Toronto Triathlon Festival (cue pants shitting right!) Hopefully I can keep my spirits up enough to remain confident this week, and I can prepare the best I can physically by resting a bit and taking care of my body.

Cheers! I'll report back post TTF unless I have some sort of mental breakdown beforehand that requires documentation.


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